about Dangly Ones

Hi, I'm Kaytie, and Dangly Ones is my art.

In 2020, like many in the hospitality industry, I found myself without a job. With not much other than a pair of idle hands and a (couple) glass(es) of wine, I began rediscovering my passion for polymer clay art. What started as a way to send gifts and connect with friends from afar, quickly turned into a legitimate source of income during that very difficult year.


"She's got her own earrings, a whole shoebox full of 'em, dangly ones."

-Cranky Man in Airport, Home Alone, 1990 


We are now on the other side of that, and I'm still at it! I make every piece by hand with a singular goal of making you look in the mirror and smile. Every piece I make is unique and full of character—just like us.

Aside from helping me to keep the lights on, I use Dangly Ones as a way to support charities that push for a progressive future. Lately I have been donating to BlackWomensMovement.org, The Trevor Project, #HATEISAVIRUS, and Marsha P. Johnson Project to name a few.

Thank you for stopping by!

xx, Kaytie


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