What are Dangly Ones pieces made from? 
All of my creations are handmade from 100% polymer clay with some threads, beads, and resin mixed in with some pieces. All hooks and studs are either gold plated or gold filled brass, sterling silver, or stainless steel - all are nickel free

Can I shower, swim, workout, or ride an ostrich with my dangly ones on?
Even though polymer clay when baked is water resistant and durable, I DO NOT suggest these activities while wearing your pieces. Better safe than sorry - any damage to the jewelry parts is not fixable or covered. 

I received an incorrect or defective item due to shipping. What do I do? 
Immediately contact me at danglyonesdesigns@gmail.com and we will resolve this issue immediately. *I try my best to never make an oops, but we're all humans who make mistakes from time to time. 

How should I care/store my pieces? 
Due to the handmade nature of these pieces, they will need to be handled with care. The clay is not brittle and can hold up some amounts of pressure, but please don't test this! Store in a cool safe place where pieces won't get jostled. If there is a mark on your UNSEALED (no resin) pieces, simply take a Q-tip or cloth and dampen, then gentle wipe clean. 

Can I customize a product or request a custom job?  
Absolutely! Just use the contact page on the website and please be as detailed as possible.   *** NOTE: Please do not ask me to make a design that another polymer clay business has made. 

 How do I get in contact with you?
Use the contact page on the website or DM me on IG @dangly_ones.

What are your return policies? 
I hope you love your new Dangly Ones as much as I loved making them but if the pieces aren't quite what you had hoped for, please email me immediately (danglyonesdesigns@gmail.com
and I'll work with you to make sure everyone is doing a happy dance at the end of the day.
No returns after 14 days. Pieces that were not properly cared for will not be eligible for returns. Please contact me if you have any care Qs <3